Show Ring


Maverick is officially a GRAND Champion!

He and Moira have had a great past couple of weekends in AZ, 5 Selects and a BOB!

Thank you Moira Cornell for all you do for me and the dogs.

Thank you Rachelle Armstrong andLeo Rodriguez
for assisting Moira in making the “A” team happen.

Thank you Diana Han at Nor Cal Bull Dogger for this stunning shot of Maverick.


First weekend out for Maverick since covid started and it did not disappoint!

Two Selects and a BOB!🎉
under Ms. Sandy I. Wheat, Maverick went Select.
Saturday, under Ms. Gloria Kerr, Maverick went Select again.
Sunday, under Mrs. Wyoma M. Clouss, he went Best of Breed!
Thank you judges for finding Maverick among some beautiful entries.
Huge thank you to my talented Handler,
Moira Hanley-Cornell, for presenting Maverick so beautifully.
Thank you Rachelle Armstrong for all your hard work in assisting Moira.
You two make a great team!